Surya Manufacturing Company has risen to become the largest manufacturer & trader of Electrical Equipment including Machine Lamps, Relay Modules, Tower Lamps, LED Hand Lamps, Digital counters, Batteries, ABS Enclosures, Proximity Switches, Sensors in India. We have established ourselves as a market leading manufacturer of Electrical Equipment through our portfolio of brands – SMC. Our goal has always been to offer our customers a first-class product backed by unparalleled service, focused on solving our clients illumination challenges. In order to implement the right lighting solutions for our clients, our team of experts relies on a number of proprietary tools and approaches.

Surya Manufacturing Company offers the highest standards of quality, service and technical expertise necessary to accomplish even the most complex precision machining. Our extensive range of services includes Machine Lamps, Relay Modules, Tower Lamps, LED Hand Lamps, Digital counters, Batteries, ABS Enclosure, Proximity Switches, Sensors. For over “20” years, Surya Manufacturing Company has been one of the India’s leaders in machine tool manufacturing.

A company involved in service, and maintenance.

Our Vision & Mission

“Surya Manufacturing Company is a young and progressive institution that looks forward in building a strong and value based Manufacturing Corporation that has been striving its way towards excellence since inception.”

“We aim to expand and evolve into a one-stop-shop that can cater and sate the requisite in line with the customer demands”


Surya Manufacturing Company stands on the pillars of qualified and dedicated human resource that is highly knowledgeable and experienced in their respectable work profile. The team works together as a single body unit to bring across smooth movement of products and services through the organization.

We have acquired a spectrum of talent that ranges from covering procurement to packaging, customer service and support, importing procedures etc. that converge under one agenda i.e. to work towards customer satisfaction.